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“ These new technologies have taken automation to the next level, and integrating HIRO into our digital ecosystem is a game changer for CompuCom and for our clients. We will start with leveraging the HIRO solution as part of our data center offerings and then, over time, look to expand it across our entire services portfolio. "

-Sam Gross, CompuCom CTO
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  • Problem solving AI that automates the IT stack at the machine, software, resource and application layer
  • Flexible algorithm leverages XML-code based Knowledge Items to determine the shortest route to a solution
  • Artificial Intelligence that ports knowledge from legacy systems to cloud environments as business needs change
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We push the boundaries in an ever-changing world through collaboration. By enabling human-machine collaboration, we are delivering incomparable artificial intelligence for enterprise. By living human collaboration, we make each day about learning, creating and growing. You will find excellence in our engineering and our character.

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Human Focused Innovation

IT Process Automation

Automate even complex tasks and processes to free up time to think, collaborate and get you back to your innovation roots.

Knowledge Based Systems

Leverage problem solving knowledge that is adaptive to change and far superior to industrial script-based automation.

Artificial Intelligence

Combine human intelligence and machine learning to create contextual learning technology that gets smarter the more it’s used.

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