Imagine what you could do with your people and resources if anything that is a process in your company was run by an AI

Successful enterprises are looking for possibilities to optimize their IT and business processes at any time. By definition, cost reduction is always strong in focus. But what would be, if you could not only reduce cost and in addition become more agile, get more time for developing and innovating your business by using artificial intelligence that autonomously runs your business processes, IT operations and more? If you think about using enhanced AI technology and you need experts for supporting and consulting you, you don’t have to go any further.

Arago’s general problem-solving AI HIRO™ manages and automates every process within a company – from IT operations to business processes and transactions. HIRO™ frees up resources allowing companies and employees to be dedicated to driving business and fostering room for creativity, rendering large companies faster and more versatile. Do you know what’s best about HIRO? It is the only general AI already available and waiting to run your business.

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Arago is a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence and one of few companies worldwide to offer a commercially proven general artificial intelligence platform. Our mission is to guide our clients’ transformation into future-proof AI-enabled enterprises and to empower them to unleash the potential of their existing intelligence – regardless of industry. In 2014, we partnered with leading global investment firm KKR to scale and internationalize our business.

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As one of the leading experts Arago is pushing the research and development of AI beyond boundary. We have made a 20-years research effort to deliver a general AI platform that combines dynamic reasoning and machine learning. Our autonomic problem-solving AI HIRO™ leverages its algorithms to efficiently analyze large problem sets, apply knowledge and past experiences to find suitable solutions and retain gained knowledge to counter future challenges.

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A general AI platform that constantly learns and enables enterprises to face the future worry-free – HIRO™ is market proven, following five years in commercial use and R&D investment period of almost 20 years. HIRO™ takes problem-solving to the next level: it dynamically reacts to a changing environment and is able to autonomously solve even ambiguous and complex problems. Its ability to create solutions for specific tasks grows exponentially with knowledge stored.


Arago is powering decision making for industry leading companies:

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