k+k information services: Creative intelligence – Will AI be as creative as a human?

How creative can AI be?

Human creativity starts and ends every application, innovation and development. But AI is taking over more and more mundane and repetitive activities. Is there any chance that AI can create something new? Where are the opportunities and limitations of creative intelligence?

Alfred Ermer, CEO and Managing Director of arago da vinci GmbH, was a keynote speaker at “Wirtschaftsforum Baden-Württemberg”. The conference was held under the motto “digital future – promising and equal opportunities”. He points out that “everything that can be automated will be automated”. AI is able to manage, handle, analyze huge amounts of data and create patterns.

On the other hand, humans have human qualities. We are creative and we are able to act consciously. That is the main difference between a human and a machine and refers to our human brain. Intelligence assumes understanding. Machines do not understand by their own, they only understand what humans can teach them. As long as we do not understand our own brain, AI can never be more intelligent than humans.

We should outsource all non-value adding processes to machines to get back our time. This reclaimed time could be used to be innovative, create new business models or improve our service. The service business provides the basis for long-term customer retention. And that is the field humans should play in: creativity, communication skills and interpersonal communication.

At the moment the main problem is to develop an imagination where AI could be useful and what AI could do for us. It is about positive attitudes towards something new. Ermer recommends some changes in the fields of education, e.g. more design thinking skills or creative and problem-solving techniques.

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Arago Redaktion 18. October 2018