Heise.de: A Cloud for Global Good

Online publication heise.de published a short report (28/04/2017) on the event “The Democratisation of Artificial Intelligence – How can we foster a successful value creation in Germany” organised by Microsoft on Wednesday, 26th April 2017. Chris Boos joined German Minister of Economics Brigitte Zypries and Microsoft Germany CEO Sabine Bendiek on stage to share his views.

There was unanimity among the panel that acceptance of AI would need to be fostered by providing more commercial offers aimed at all people, i.e. democratising AI. Sabine Bendiek lamented the common problem of AI – that it is not a matter of replacing the human being, but to cooperate with and to support the human. As a result she prefers to speak about Augmented Intelligence, reports heise.de.

Minister Zypries focused on the research conditions in Germany, highlighting that DeepLearning is a quasi German invention thanks to Jürgen Schmidhuber. Transparency on AI-algorithms is, according to her, a prerequisite for acceptance.

Chris Boos underpinned the notion that AI can never replace humans: While AI may be the better surgeon, it can never compete with the empathy of a nurse. The desire and the drive to learn is furthermore intrinsically human. He praised that it was the consumers that kick-started the AI-based cloud revolution.

To read the article (in German), click here.

Arago Redaktion 28. April 2017