absatzwirtschaft: Quotes With an Impact

Arago’s CEO Chris Boos’ views how artificial intelligence will change society are prominently featured in a quote section on this topic in Germany’s leading marketing magazine, absatzwirtschaft.

Boos is quoted amongst other well-known AI-experts. He predicts: “The AI revolution is coming and it is going to hurt”.

The article argues that companies and brands would have to react appropriately to the impact of AI. The opinions of the other quoted experts differ on how this reaction should look like.

On a gloomy note, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, expects rough battles between companies in the AI-sector. He believes: “The competition for supremacy in AI […] will be the most likely cause of World War III.”

In contrast, Inhi Cho Su, IBM manager, argues that the concerns about the rise of AI are unfounded: “We [IBM] don’t expect this [superior to humans] form of AI to be relevant in the near future. These fears seem far fetched to me”.

Arago Redaktion 29. September 2017