Why enterprises need AI

There are multiple challenges established companies nowadays are facing like the often quoted war for talent or the inability of many large corporates to change effectively. But there is still an underestimated threat called competition – not from their own peers – but from high-tech companies that are unstoppably marching into their markets. These high-tech companies invade the well-known competitive space of established companies with unimaginable financial resources and by hijacking the consumer lifecycle. As a result, established companies have to find powerful answers, if they want to exist tomorrow.

Doing AI no longer is a question of being state-of-the-art or not – it is rather one of MAKE OR BREAK.

AI is one of the tools – potentially the only one – in the corporate toolkit to help overcome these competitive threats. However, time is running out for established companies. High-tech companies have already become uncatchable.

Are you ready for AI?

Arago has not only developed a plan to enable established companies to become AI ready and to guide them on their journey to a future-proof AI-enabled enterprise, but also built a generalizable AI platform called HIRO.

If you are thinking about enabling your business to compete against today’s high-tech giants or to become your industry’s frontrunner, you don’t have to go any further.

Your Journey to an AI-enabled Enterprise

Artificial Intelligence in enterprises