Arago Announces HIRO™ Release for SAP® Operations

Frankfurt/Main | GERMANY, September 11 2018:  HIRO™ for SAP® Operations Release 1.1 is generally available. In April 2018, Arago, a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) and leader in intelligent automation entered the world of specialized solutions by creating Arago da Vinci as a subsidiary company focusing exclusively on SAP® automation.

Arago da Vinci has developed a solution to connect HIRO™ to SAP® environments of any size and complexity. HIRO™ for SAP® Operations adds standard plug-and-play connectivity to SAP® Solution Manager 7.2 and also includes many predefined reusable scenarios to autonomously operate SAP® environments to the Arago HIRO™ platform. Arago da Vinci gives our customers in year ROI by automating operations of their SAP® environments. Based on a unique hybrid algorithm using Machine Reasoning as well as Machine Learning all operational tasks can be processed as if a human expert would take care of the many variations of operational situations. This enables our customers to “outsource” 1st and 2nd level support as well as business process management tasks to the machine and free up experts from routine support and operations tasks while retaining their knowledge in a human-readable format.

Key objectives for the HIRO™ development team were rapid and easy deployment as well as reusable knowledge to minimize time to value.
“With HIRO™ for SAP® Operations, we give our customers the first readymade solution to operate the platform many businesses have come to rely on and free up their experts to help them thrive in the digital world” says Arago’s founder and CEO Chris Boos. Arago da Vinci will continuously expand the predefined knowledge base according to customers´ priorities and also add support for SAP® Landscape Manager to better support service providers.

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