FOCUS: And On The Eighth Day They Created the Future

A summary of a German language article „Und am achten Tag schufen sie die Zukunft” by Dr. Holger Schmidt featured in the March 2016 issue of FOCUS mazine can be found below.

A few years ago, nobody would have expected that machines were able to solve complex processes like winning chess or Go matches. Artificial intelligence (AI) has started to grow rapidly, with AlphaGo, an artificial intelligence device by Demis Hassabis, succeeding against Go world champion Lee Sedol. Market researchers estimate that the market could be worth five billion dollars in 2020 growing by approximately 50 percent annually. About 900 companies worldwide are currently active in the field of AI.

German researchers are world leaders in AI. Among them, Chris Boos, CEO of Arago, stresses that Germany has many excellent AI experts inducing Google and Facebook to recruit at German universities.

Building on twelve years of basic research driven by the development of a software that enables companies to automate almost 90 percent of their IT work, Chris explains that machines can only deliver meaningful results when being fed with relevant data. European tech companies willing to achieve such results, need to work on data pools fuelling their AI to gain a competitive edge. Chris points out, that currently relevant data pools were built up by big players like Google, Facebook and Alibaba – leaving European tech companies behind. European providers should therefore focus on creating data pools in niches like IT or health.

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About Arago:
Founded in Frankfurt am Main in 1995, Arago specializes in the automation of IT operations by applying human expertise and machine learning in order to automate through all layers of the IT stack – from heterogeneous environments to individual applications. Arago’s knowledge-based automation solution, HIRO™, enables companies to reduce their operating budget as well as to optimize IT efficiency – without the need for IT standardization.

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