Arago In The News: CompuCom Partnership Coverage

Under a new partnership between CompuCom (“CompuCom®“) and Arago, CompuCom will integrate Arago’s problem solving artificial intelligence solution HIRO™ into their managed services solutions for the data center. The following presents industry coverage and opinion based on the announcement of this partnership:

From CRN®:
CompuCom Brings Artificial Intelligence To Midmarket Data Centers With Breakthrough Cloud-Based Managed Service

CompuCom is tackling data center downtime with a revolutionary AI-based managed service that combines machine learning and cognitive computing to quickly uncover and resolve IT issues.

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From eSP (European Solution Providers):
CompuCom Adds AI to Server Managed Services

Infrastructure services provider CompuCom announces a partnership with German automation specialist Arago– one integrating the HIRO™ artificial intelligence solution in CompuCom managed services.

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From Business Wire:
CompuCom Survey: IT Pros View Lower Labor Costs as Biggest Benefit of Robotics Process Automation

According to a new survey from CompuCom Systems, Inc. (“CompuCom®”), a leading technology infrastructure services company, IT professionals see reduced labor costs (43 percent) as the biggest benefit of robotics process automation (RPA), over competitive edge (24 percent), better customer experience (20 percent) and employee job satisfaction (13 percent).

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Arago Redaktion 28. July 2016