Der Spiegel: Master of the Machines

Since establishing Arago in 1995, it has been a long-term goal for Chris Boos to build a global company leading in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Step by step, Boos and his team took their time to develop their product HIRO™, a problem-solving AI platform that widely automates corporate IT systems. HIRO™ frees up time and resources of IT experts who can consequently focus better on innovation.

Though AI has been written off several times, Arago benefits from the current momentum of it. After private equity firm KKR took a large share in the company two years ago, Arago is now growing internationally. To demonstrate what AI is capable of doing today, Arago is training HIRO™ to win a complex strategy game against a human player. Founder and CEO is confident that the company’s next big leap is just ahead.

Der Spiegel, Issue 35, 27 August 2016, Page 62

Arago Redaktion 27. August 2016