Arago In the News: “Print Round Up”

A set of summaries for German language articles found only in print media as well as attributions and publication details can be found below.

“The Time Maker“

By Til Knipper

Appears in Cicero, Issue 01, Dated January 2016, Page 92

The computer scientist Chris Boos, CEO of Arago, is a pioneer in creating solutions using artificial intelligence (AI). He plans to free up IT workers of dull tasks and therefore create time to think and innovate. Chris founded the company Arago together with his uncle Bernhard Walther, in 1995. Arago, with 150 employees today, has been profitable from day one and Chris had been collecting money by developing Germany’s first solution for online banking and providing first class IT consulting. He invested the savings to build his true passion: an AI that automates IT processes.

Today, Arago has a bright future ahead: in fall 2014 KKR paid 55 Million Dollars for 36 percent of the company – the Private Equity firm plans to path the way for Arago’s international expansion and envisions it to be the “next SAP”. According to an A.T. Kearny study, the market for AI will sextuple in the upcoming years to a size of over EUR 30 billion.

“Intelligence Made in Germany“

By Britta Weddeling

Appears in Handelsblatt Issue 131, Dated July 13th 2015, Page 26

Chris Boos, CEO of Arago, prepares the company for its international expansion. According to the tech pioneer, the US market is large, open for innovations and fast moving – perfect conditions for Arago’s business. Last October, Private Equity firm KKR invested 55 million US dollars in Arago to fuel its business expansion.

Chris sees especially high growth potentials for Arago in large corporations. Currently, most companies invest approximately 80 percent of their IT budget in maintaining the status-quo and only 20 percent in driving innovations. According to Chris, Arago supports blue-chips to be competitive by boosting their IT efficiency and saving costs through artificial intelligence (AI).

Arago’s AI works like a junior employee: the software learns from its supervisors how to execute tasks and solve problems on its own. For example to control data quality, manage information, purchase or deliver products and goods. By automating dull tasks, Arago frees up time for employees to focus on creative tasks.

About Arago:

Founded in Frankfurt am Main in 1995, Arago specializes in the automation of IT operations by applying human expertise and machine learning in order to automate through all layers of the IT stack  from heterogeneous environments to individual applications. Arago’s knowledgebased automation solution, HIRO™, enables companies to reduce their operating budget as well as to optimize IT efficiency  without the need for IT standardization.

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