BrandEins: The Customer Is the One Who Makes the Pace

A summary of a German language article „Der Kunde ist es, der das Tempo macht“ by Gabriele Fischer and Wolf Lotter, interview in the December 2015 issue of Brandeins can be found below.

In an interview on speed and time, Chris Boos, CEO of Arago, explains that there is a general acceleration of business procedures today. In his view, established companies need to learn that a new competition has begun in which ‘thinking’ will make the difference to stay competitive. His call: we need to automate and transfer routines to machines in order to save time to think.

According to Chris, in the industrial age, processes used to be predictable but today established companies compete with Silicon Valley based high-tech firms that do not only use technology to maintain the status quo but to actually produce innovations. Therefore, blue-chip companies need to free up capacity to drive their digital agenda. Chris Boos is optimistic regarding the future of human-machine interaction and believes that the cycle of human-machine learning will make room for creativity.

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About Arago:
Founded in Frankfurt am Main in 1995, Arago specializes in the automation of IT operations by applying human expertise and machine learning in order to automate through all layers of the IT stack – from heterogeneous environments to individual applications. Arago’s knowledge-based automation solution, HIRO™, enables companies to reduce their operating budget as well as to optimize IT efficiency – without the need for IT standardization.

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