Arago In The News: US Industry Coverage

Summaries of industy coverage for Arago’s artificial intelligence software, HIRO™, as it enters the US market.

From CNBC: 

How big business can tackle those hot tech start-ups

Chris Boos, CEO of Arago, says that businesses could hedge against disruptive companies if they invest their money in the right way. According to Chris, big businesses are spending 80 percent of their budgets on “keeping the lights on” while facing the tremendous pressure of digitization – AI can help these companies to remodel their technology budgets and drive their digital agenda.

Chris explains that when introducing AI into businesses, there is very little push-back, both from a C-level as well as from IT workers. He experiences that the “people on the ground” meaning the actual IT pros want AI to automate dull tasks so their valuable talent can be employed in a much better way.

Concerning data protection, Arago and its customers benefit from high standards in European data protection law. In addition to these standards, Arago does not own the data – another advantage of Arago since the very own data of its customers remain proprietary.

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From Baseline:

Why IT employees embrace tech automation

Baseline features a survey executed by Spiceworks and commissioned by Arago stating that while automation and artificial intelligence (AI) sometimes trigger fears in public, the vast majority of tech professionals express favorable sentiments about these technologies. According to the survey, most IT employees feel that automation frees up time. Therefore, Human-machine interaction creates a win-win situation for companies as well as for IT workers allowing both to focus on more innovative tasks. A majority of the surveyed workers considers expanding their use of smart machines in the future and considers the technology to be an “awesome assistant”. 

The article also features a quote by Chris Boos, CEO of Arago, stating that “IT pros know that smart automation technology frees up their time, reduces the need for menial tasks, and allows them to concentrate on innovative endeavors that are much more strategic to their employers and their own future”.

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From CIO: 

IT pros don’t fear the rise of the robots

Robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning can enable those outside of IT to create software and intelligently manage IT infrastructure. This automation of IT has been accused of being a job killer but a survey executed by Spiceworks and commissioned by Arago reveals that IT workers are not worried about the impact of automation on their job security. Quite the contrary is the case: the majority of polled IT pros said that automation already has freed up their time allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives. The anticipated benefits are more free time, a higher level of efficiency, and fewer errors. Furthermore, those surveyed said that they would prefer to spend their free time during the workday on innovating technology and solutions as well as modernizing existing technology.

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From BetaNews: 

IT pros welcome the rise of their new machine overlords

New research from Arago reveals that more automation leads to greater job satisfaction. The majority of the polled workers agree that intellectually stimulating activities are most important to their job satisfaction. The majority of the surveyed IT pros intend to use automation to free up time for strategic initiatives.

The article features a quote by Chris Boos, CEO or Arago, stating that “Forward thinking CEOs, CIOs and HR executives need to be aware of the positive impact smart automation will have on their companies.”

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