WirtschaftsWoche: Arago’s Artificial Intelligence Supports Klöckner & Co’s Digital Strategy

Klöckner & Co SE, a global distributor of steel and metal products, is currently in the midst of a digital transformation.

As the CEO, Gisbert Rühl, says: „If we don’t challenge [our business], others will.“

In order to drive this project, the company has recently announced an innovation partnership with Arago. The implementation of Arago’s problem-solving AI platform HIRO™ will automate Klöckner & Co’s IT processes and support the digitization of their supply and service chain.

The first step will be to integrate HIRO™ in two datacenters in the U.S. and then to process more than 50% of the revenue through online transactions by 2019.

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WirtschaftsWoche, 12 December 2016

Arago Redaktion 16. December 2016