HIRO™ empowers financial institutions to retain, streamline and protect organizational knowledge

As an early champion of information technology to power the enterprise, the banking industry has access to significant datasets. This vision has however lead to siloing of information crucial to customer management and organizational growth as well as the human knowledge that compliments it.

Arago’s HIRO™ is uniquely suited to help financial institutions organize these instances of data and reduce the risks of tribal IT knowledge by automating processes intelligently and opening up room for new talent to build on existing organizational strengths. HIRO is additionally built to comply with the strictest privacy laws and thus inherently able meet the security demands of banking institutions globally.

Why choose HIRO™?

  • 99.5% automation rates achieved through problem solving AI
  • German engineered for data performance, precision and protection
  • Taught by top IT talent, your proprietary knowledge is used, stored and amplified


Discover Hiro

Optimized IT costs
HIRO™ reduces running costs with an average automation level of 35% in the first three months turning into approximately 88% by the end of 12 months.

Accelerated system effectiveness
With HIRO™ handling implementation and service tasks, your IT team can dramatically increase system effectiveness with more frequent technology upgrades.

Liberated talent
Leveraging machine learning with human intelligence frees the creative minds in your IT department to focus on evolving and optimizing your company’s IT services.

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