Bilanz: It Is Capable on Its Own

BILANZ (the business magazine of Die Welt) published an article touching on the technological advances as well as the most recent discussions around Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Most recently, it was Elon Musk, innovator and entrepreneur extraordinaire who caused an outcry by stating: “AI poses a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization”. Musk’s statement summarizes a general fear of AI: Hyper-smart machines with their own will, able to conspire against humankind. Given the enormous recent technological leaps on AI technology, such a vision does not seem to be in the too far distant future.

In this context, Chris Boos, founder and CEO of Arago acts like the voice of reason, calming concerns and fears. “30% of what is generally considered as AI is in fact statistics. And I am being generous here”, explains Boos in the article. Introduced as the German AI pioneer, the article goes on to summarize Boos’ journey from college dropout to CEO of Germany’s leading AI company.

Arago’s HIRO™ is described in the article as a big success with clients ranging from UBS to Klöckner. Boos summarizes the benefits of HIRO™ by saying “any machine that is able to autonomously solve problems in an ever-changing environment will significantly expand the spectrum of automation.” Further, he expects AI to be more universally adaptable in the future, pointing towards a general AI.

BILANZ shows that Boos is ready to seize the opportunities of a flourishing AI-market worldwide. For Boos, “AI is the new bio”. This comes, however, with certain setbacks: Boos constantly needs to explain the difference between marketing and real “intelligence”, given the current hype around AI.

Finally, Boos does not share Elon Musk’s fear of AI: “The AI that is self-confident or that has feelings, no-one knows how to build that”.

Arago Redaktion 1. September 2017

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