Book: Deutschland digital – Unsere Antwort auf das Silicon Valley (Marc Beise, Ulrich Schäfer)

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly creeping into daily business processes and companies are (increasingly) realizing its value and dimensions.

Germany has thereby often been regarded as one the pioneers in this area, providing breakthrough discoveries and making great investments into universities as well as reseach centers.

Chris Boos, CEO of Arago, has spent almost his entire life working on an intelligent software that would give time back to people (by automating monotonous tasks).

The main key to AI is data and in his opinion, it is time for Europe to start creating their own data pool – a solid foundation for AI and IoT.

Read more about AI and Chris´ contribution in Deutschland digital by Marc Beise/Ulrich Schäfer.

ISBN: 978-3593505923

Arago Redaktion 18. October 2016