Book: Silicon Germany – Wie wir die digitale Transformation schaffen (Christoph Keese)

Germany can do everything – but digital. That’s the catchy claim of Christoph Keese’s inventory of the German economy. In his book he asks: what exactly can Google do, that Volkswagen and Bosch can’t? Putting it simply, the country got off on the wrong foot in the 21st century. Will it be able to turn things around and become “Silicon Germany”?

In his book, Keese brings to light Germany’s areas of weakness and shows how to catch up – e.g. by deploying artificial intelligence (AI). Within this scope, AI expert and Arago CEO Chris Boos explains the tremendous power of machine learning. For the first time ever, machines are able to execute intelligent tasks better than humans. Still, Chris Boos values the importance of human skills for the economy: i.e. empathy or social responsibility.

Read more about AI and Chris´ contribution in Silicon Germany by Christoph Keese.

ISBN: 978-3813507348

Arago Redaktion 23. November 2016