Chris Boos’ Skyhigh Appearance at Lufthansa Digital Aviation Forum

The impact of digitization on our everyday life has forced organizations as well as companies to transform and adapt to changing consumer behaviors. This also applies to the airline industry, where increasing technological advances are transforming the range of products and services offered.

In this context Lufthansa held its first Lufthansa Digital Aviation Forum, to exchange thoughts on the upcoming trends in the areas of virtual-/ augmented reality, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and digital services.

The event was officially opened by Carsten Spohr, CEO Lufthansa Group, who welcomed the guests and proudly announced the launch of FlyNet services for all short-haul flights within Europe. This means, passengers on continental flights will be able to enjoy the full freedom to communicate and to use the internet with a wide bandwidth above the clouds.

The announcement was followed by a speech on the different forms of disruption in our daily lives given by Jeff Jarvis, a renowned U.S. journalist, blogger and teacher who earned much media attention for his book „What would Google do?“.

As a surprise keynote, Arago’s CEO Chris Boos was invited to talk about the differences between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. He also highlighted the impact and value that such technological advances would have on businesses and consumers worldwide.

The highlight about Chris’ speech? – He held it above the clouds, thousands of meters above the ground aboard an Airbus!

Arago Redaktion 9. March 2017