At Arago we feel honored to be invited to such an exclusive group of leaders to give our humble input on the topic of AI. Please find background material referenced ready for your download:

AI and the Future of Business
A slide deck which could have been used in the discussion. It supplies the entire argument why AI is important to the old economy, what algorithms exist, how to categorize AI and how to think about introducing AI in an enterprise world. If you don't have the time to read the slides, you might enjoy this overview Chris did for TEDx.

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TEDxWHU in March, 2018

AI Industry Priorities
A summary of a market analysis describing which sectors and industries, but also which concrete processes will most likely be most affected by AI.

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AI Ready
An internal whitepaper we produced in 2016 on the threat vectors of current technologies to the established economy, how to mitigate them and where to start.

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Roland Berger Study on Effects of AI
A good overview study Roland Berger published on the effects of AI on industry and labor markets in May 2018.

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Here is some more execution-oriented material:

AI Explained
A slide deck explaining the various components of machine learning, natural language processing and machine reasoning and how to put these together to form a general AI. The presentation shows the parallel architectures of machine learning and the instinctual system in animals as well as the parallel architectures of machine reasoning and the planning capability of the human neo-cortex.
This is probably the shortest overview on a technical level on a broad range of AI techniques and how they are combined at the bleeding edge in 2018.

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Chain of Pearls Method
An overview presentation for a method we use at Arago to hold workshops with top-level management to extract WHERE AI can actually be helpful to support strategic goals in a corporation and in WHAT SEQUENCE projects have to fall, to make maximum use of data.

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And here is the deep dive into the Math for those who really want to know:

Explanation Videos on the Math
Here are some links to explanation methods of the math behind neural networks for those who are really interested in the background of the current hype-technique of deep-learning. These are links to videos from 3blue1brown, by Grant Sanderson (a great channel for having a lot of important mathematical concepts explained in an almost entertaining way).
a) Chapter 1 - Deep Learning
b) Chapter 2 - Gradient Descent
c) Chapter 3 - Back Propagation

Chapter 1 – Deep Learning

Chapter 2 – Gradient Descent

Chapter 3 – Back Propagation

Last but not least: 

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