commerce germany: Good Old Friendship to the Rescue

Chris Boos, founder and CEO of Arago, is featured with an opinion piece on the current status of transatlantic relations in commerce germany, a magazine published by the American Chamber of Commerce Germany (AmCham). commerce germany is a business journal that informs AmCham members about the association’s activities and developments in transatlantic economic relations.

Boos argues that the status of German-American relations would have reached a previously unknown point of uncertainty. In his opinion, even the Cold War felt better than the current state of affairs. This would drive people into the arms of populists promising to bring back the good old days. He considers the technological transformation of our societies to be at the core of people’s current anxieties. While new technologies would have the potential to make everybody’s life easier, they also serve as proof for an uncertain future.

As current political relations between the US and Germany could not be a reliable backbone for the transatlantic relationship, Boos reminds the readers that historically networked communities have always guaranteed prosperity and peace over extended periods. Therefore, people on both sides of the Atlantic should strengthen their personal friendships with each other. The German-American friendship groups, formed during the Cold War, would represent an example how interpersonal relationships foster a better understanding for one another, outside of political and economic realms.

In this ways, Boos calls upon its readers to not only speak about their friends on the other side of the Atlantic but to find and communicate common goals – even if political leaders are not able to do so.

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Arago Redaktion 5. January 2018

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