Computerwoche: Nerd, Evangelist, Process Consultant: Who Are the Specialists for Artificial Intelligence?

Arago is featured in an article about the challenges of hiring AI-specialists in Germany’s weekly IT-journal Computerwoche. The piece describes how in this field the main challenge for hiring managers is not only the shortage of skilled workers but the specific skill sets required of AI experts.

Arago, as a company engaged in research and development in the AI market since 1995, is naturally competing for the brightest minds in order to further develop complex AI technologies. Markus Leven, Chief Human Resources Officer of Arago, argues: “We certainly expect from our colleagues to be driven and interested in constantly learning new things.” At the same time, however, the company would also look for people with high social skills, as the company’s culture is based on Robert Sutton’s ´No Asshole-Rule`.

The article concludes that the perfect, standardized AI-expert does not exist. Nevertheless, it states that a good AI-specialist should have three main characteristics: He is a nerd to some extent with a feeling for trends and topics, a technology evangelist with a professional knowledge in IT or with a background in engineering or physics and an understanding of business management and process consulting.

As AI will soon be indispensable to the economy, businesses will need a strategy for recruiting professional personnel with expertise in AI. However, these hiring processes should not be rushed. Instead, companies should take their time and look out for people combining the three characteristics of a nerd, evangelist and process consultant.

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Arago Redaktion 24. January 2018

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