Die Welt: AI – The Way Towards Happiness

Time is our most valuable resource. Thanks to new technologies, more and more tasks can be completed by machines. And we can focus on creativity and everything else.

Arago founder and CEO Chris Boos spoke within the context of the Axel Springer sponsored NOAH technology conference about digitalization and the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) on June 21st, 2017 in Berlin. Europe, Boos says, can address many of its societal and economical challenges with the help of new technologies, of which AI is indispensible. He sees a large opportunity in the current situation, where European economies are under virtual siege, challenged to improve their business models as non-European technology companies dominate the European markets. This, in turn, prompts political debates on the ensuing consequences.

Already, AI-based technologies at hand could take over 80% of the tasks that are currently being done by humans. To make use of that potential, Boos notes, both is needed urgently: time as well as money. AI plays a crucial role here: If more tasks were completed by an AI, we’d be able to uphold and significantly develop our economies plus spend more time addressing major societal and future-oriented issues. Chris Boos stresses the importance of focusing on the technological developments within the next three to five years. Should we not quickly capitalize on the opportunities that AI can offer, the EU’s global economic position and standard of living are at risk. Societies like most European ones, with diversified peoples, strong infrastructure and companies with a high level of know-how, are in a unique position to address this generation’s challenges. AI can facilitate this development. Society, Boos says, needs to decide if it has the will and discipline to go down this path. It’s up to us!

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