Lead or Lose
A Vision for Europe's Digital Future

Research conducted for ETNO by accenture strategy

Arago's CEO Chris Boos contributes with his views on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the European digitalization process to this study, commissioned by the Brussels-based industry representation European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO). Business consultancy Accenture Strategy conducted the research. The paper explores the impact, as well as policy implications, of the digital revolution in Europe. Besides Boos, other prominent figures, such as Estonia's President Kersti Kaljulaid, are quoted.

Chris Boos is interviewed in his role as founder and CEO of Arago, which the study names as leading European player in general AI. In the context of new technologies’ impact on our working environments, Boos argues that AI could realize efficiency gains up to 90% compared to current human-driven processes. The central question to him is: "What happens to companies that cut 90% of their operating expenses?" He is convinced that they should invest their gains into new business models enabling more human creativity.

Further, the study argues that Europe is currently at a crossroads with regards to digitalization. In order to make this process a success for the continent, the study identifies three main prerequisites: First, an open ecosystem should be established, in which information is accessible from a variety of sources and allows for a safe transaction as well as the storage of data. The study concludes that this requires governments to support digital European leadership and to finalize the Digital Single Market.  Second, Europe would need strong and reliable communication networks to cope with new innovations, such as autonomous driving and distributed renewable energy. In order to implement these networks, Europe needs to multiply its investment capabilities. Third, our society's institutions should support fast, efficient and secure digital interactions with citizens. In this way, Europe should establish a common authority to manage unique personal identities and digital transactions between governments and citizens. President Kaljulaid agrees: ”Providing a secure, digital identity is a core function for every government.”

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