Golden Times in Frankfurt’s Silver Tower: First Artificial Intelligence Meetup in Frankfurt

On Wednesday, April 19 the very first Meetup in Frankfurt dedicated to Artificial Intelligence took place. When the four organizers Tobias Zander, Darren Cooper, Jochen Bachmann and Rene Buest started talking about organizing such a Meetup about two months ago, they expected to be hosting around fifteen to twenty people. Thus, they couldn’t believe their eyes when the Meetup (free of charge) was fully booked after less than 24 hours and in the end around 180 people participated in the premiere! The great location up on the 31st floor of the Silver Tower (Skydeck powered by DB Systel) did its job, too, and the AI interested audience could watch the sun go down while enjoying the speakers’ presentations. Led by Tobias and Darren, the presentations started off with a short introduction by Ruediger Kurz about DB and AI, followed by two Women Techmakers, Marie-Luise Sessler and Jelena Senic, who examined some interesting questions in the light of Computer Science and Philosophy. This is when discussions in the audience started to arise…

Next, Rene Buest from arago GmbH talked about the status quo of AI and chatbots. We learned about the similarity of machines and babies, the difference between narrow, general and strong AI as well as about the chatbot pioneers and their skills.

Again, the audience was exchanging their thoughts and discussions even had to be stopped in order to stay within the planned time frame. Lastly, Marc Reichelt from GDG Rhein-Main went on to introduce the audience to an Udacity course on how to become a self-driving car engineer that he was currently taking. Turns out there were four other participants of this Nanodegree program in the Meetup audience, one of which jumped into the presentation as well and supported his colleague with his experiences. In the end, there was enough time to do some networking and get to know the like-minded crowd. All in all, a very interesting evening and great occasion to meet and form Frankfurt’s AI community.