Everest Group Report: Arago a Leader in Intelligent IT Operations Automation and Best-In-Class for Its Vision & Strategy

  • Arago named a leader in recent market report on IT operations automation by Everest Group
  • Leading AI company is recognized as best-in-class for its “Vision & Strategy” and “Functionality” to guide clients’ transformation into future-proof AI-enabled enterprises
  • Chris Boos, CEO of Arago: “The possibilities of our technology go beyond IT automation – we can support any business with its overall digital transformation”

Frankfurt / New York / 7 June, 2017 – Arago, a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) and leader in intelligent automation based in Frankfurt and New York City, has been recognized as one of the world’s leading IT operations automation companies in a recent research report on IT operations automation by Everest Group, a global consulting and research firm.

“Arago’s mission is to support businesses on their journey to become AI-enabled enterprises. Our general AI HIRO™ is unique because it delivers high levels of automation across all business layers”, states Arago CEO Chris Boos. “We are proud that a general AI platform like HIRO™ is leading in the field of IT automation, disproving the idea that general platforms are inferior to specialized approaches. Our technology delivers value to clients far beyond IT automation”, adds Boos.

Automation is key for enterprises worldwide wishing to enhance their efficiency and to increase their output. Only few enterprises have adopted automation strategies due to a lack of education about the benefits, the functionality and the investment costs. “We have analyzed the needs of our customers with regard to intelligent IT and business process automation. HIRO™ can be implemented rapidly, is easy to use and interoperable, ensuring that our clients are AI-enabled in no time”, says Arago’s COO Alfred Ermer.

The globally conducted study by Everest Group assessed eight IT operations automation vendors based on their respective market success, their vision and capability, cross-checking the vendors’ offers with the needs of modern enterprises. Arago excelled in the categories “Vision & Strategy” as well as “Functionality”, making it the only participated vendor scoring 100% and thus being best-in-class on any given category. With its AI platform HIRO™, Arago demonstrates the business benefits of automating not only IT, but also entire business processes.

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The sum of experience: Arago is a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) that helps businesses optimize their business and IT processes through autonomous automation. Its commercially proven general AI platform HIRO™ autonomously manages and automates every process within a company, integrating machine reasoning and machine learning. Arago’s mission is to guide its clients worldwide on their journey to becoming future-proof AI-ready enterprises. Founded by computer scientist Chris Boos, and based in Frankfurt and New York City, Arago is empowering clients to unleash the potential of their existing intelligence and promote innovation. Since 2014, leading global investment firm KKR has supported Arago’s international expansion. For further information, please visit www.arago.co.

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