Everest Group Research Announces Arago as a Leader in the IT Operations Automation Field

In a study carried out by the Everest Group called „IT Operations Automation – Market Update and PEAK Matrix Assessment for Products“ (May 2017) that compared different independent software vendors, Arago was examined and rewarded as best-in-class for its vision, strategy and functionality.

The Everest Group presented their results from examining the assessment and detailed profiles of eight ISVs between Q4 2016 and Q1 2017. The research methodology is based on the „four pillars of strength“ to create usable and insightful research:

  • robust definitions and framework (the PEAK Matrix, market maturity and technology adoption/investment)
  • primary sources of information (annual contractual and operational requests for information, service provider briefings, market feedback)
  • a diverse set of market touch points (ongoing interactions with key stakeholders, support data analysis etc.)
  • fact-based research (data-driven analysis with expert perspectives, trend-analysis across market adoption)

Regarding the background of the research, Everest states that in today’s digital age „applications are the business“. So it is crucial for companies to have agile, resilient, and cost-effective IT automation solutions on hand. Present-day industries need IT automation systems that translate into mainstream adoption of automation products with a high adaptability to work with the future IT infrastructure concepts such as cloud, converged infrastructure and operational analytics.

The Everest Group reasoned that to obtain “true business benefits” a successful automation strategy needs these skills:

  • A coherent and business context-centered IT operations automation strategy.
  • Offering high agility and resilience to support dynamic businesses, e.g. a self-learning IT structure.
  • A pragmatic adoption approach and clear decision framework.

Furthermore, Everest recommended vendors not to carry out „big-T“ transformations without having properly evaluated the criticality of underlying business segments or applications. Plus, companies are advised to have a solid automation product strategy on their hand that detains vendor lock-in concerns through a technology-agnostic engine.

In terms of Arago and its AI engine HIRO™, Everest comes to the point that it „leverages as the initial step to roll out AI to other spaces“ and delivers „high levels of autonomy across all business layers through individual, dynamic and intelligent processes for delivering […] business process automation.“

In their study, Everest delivers substantial insights into what companies have achieved in IT operation automation and into present day as well as future requirements for successful ISVs. The study gives good advice on where to improve true to Everest’s motto “from insight to action”.

Arago Redaktion 17. July 2017