Automation and AI Beyond the Hype

Featuring a Forrester Report: "Automation, AI, And Robotics Aren’t Quick Wins – You Can Derive Value Today, But You’re Really Investing For The Decade-Long Journey"

The noise levels around the topics of automation and AI remain worrying as they are blurring the perceptions of stakeholders. And this is despite laudable efforts by governments to devise AI policies and strategies. Yet, it is essential to comprehend that AI fundamentally is not just one thing, as the technologies that get subsumed under “AI” moniker touch pretty much every IT and business process as well as our everyday life.

It is no longer a question of whether or not, but how businesses should integrate and embrace AI into their organization. The enclosed report by analysts from Forrester provides common themes from the lessons learned in the early deployments that are hopefully helpful for framing AI strategies. While these insights can’t overcome the challenges that we have called out, they are a useful framework to evaluate and benchmark AI strategies.

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