Frost & Sullivan Award

HIRO™ wins the 2017 European Semantic Intelligence New Product Innovation Award and receives highest ratings in decisive categories “Product Attributes” and “Impact for Customers”

Arago has received the Frost & Sullivan 2017 European Semantic Intelligence New Product Innovation Award for its flagship product HIRO™, a general AI platform that can autonomously run any process within a company. The award by global consultancy Frost & Sullivan aims at driving innovation and encouraging positive changes in the global economy by recognizing outstanding achievements and superior performances in areas such as technological innovation across a wide range of major industries.

The award is based on two overall categories: "New Product Attributes" as well as "Customer Impact". HIRO™ received the highest ratings by achieving 10/10 in both areas, thereby outperforming its competition by far. Frost & Sullivan confirms that using AI such as HIRO™ can contribute to reducing labor costs while freeing resources to develop new business opportunities.

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