Handelsblatt: Blind Seer

German business daily Handelsblatt published a portray about Chris Boos, founder of Arago, that gives a personal account of Boos’ journey to become Germany’s visionary and pioneer on AI. The story of Arago’s success is enriched by voices of Arago’s business partners, such as Klöckner & Co and UBS. The article paints a positive picture about the future expansion plans of Arago.
The article highlights that Boos has always had a certain edge, whether through his appearance (“I have worked hard to be able wear T-Shirts when I have meetings with CEOs”) or his unusual education (attending lectures on English Romanticism despite being near blind and quitting his IT-studies at Zurich and Darmstadt to found Arago). This has paved the way for him to become the pioneer and leader that he is today.

While looking for ways to fund the R&D for his general AI, Boos and Arago almost as a by-product developed the German-wide solution for online banking. Since the market launch in 2014, Arago’s general AI HIRO™ has acquired some successful supporters: Gisbert Rühl, CEO of German steel manufacturer Klöckner, explicitly praises his collaboration with Arago, while further partners of Arago such as UBS are mentioned. Rühl goes on to praise Boos personally: “He is not like many other founders. He is not after a profitable short-term exit, but he wants to change the world. Moreover, no-one explains AI like Chris Boos does, especially for non-experts”.

Boos’ vision and mission to support European industry in the technology race against America and Asia is also a reason why Frankfurt-based Arago is able compete with corporations such as Google and Facebook. Arago further benefits from the fact that the company mainly focuses on business customers, a difficult market for these tech giants, who usually bring their products directly to the customer.

Boos is now driving the global expansion of Arago into the Silicon Valley as well as into Bangalore, India. Boos once more sets himself apart from the competition since he does not intend to develop his AI in the Valley, on the contrary he sees it as a market to sell his products and a way to attract talent to Arago.

Investment firm KKR supports Boos’ expansion plans. A majority-holder, KKR has invested around €50 Million in 2014. Plans to increase the Board from three to six members are under way.

However, Chris Boos won’t let his ambitious plans stress him; on the contrary he is very confident about the future. The article ends by mentioning a Whiskey bottle from 1801 that Boos keeps for “very good or very bad moments” and speculates that such a moment may lay in the not very distant future.

Arago Redaktion 2. August 2017

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