Handelsblatt: Experts for Artificial Intelligence Wanted

This article in Germany’s leading business-daily Handelsblatt deals with the global competition for AI talents. In this context, Arago’s CEO Chris Boos presents his views on AI experts and how the deployment of AI is changing salaries in the market.

Boos states that it would be hard to compete for those employees able to build an AI. He calls IT-experts who not only utilize AI but are able to create something new a stroke of luck and people to fight for. Boos claims: “These employees remain the bottleneck for every high-end AI-team”. He states these experts would already set their salaries themselves. While they are well-paid, they would not ask for excessive sums. Instead, they would care more about impact and freedom. Boos differentiates the experts building an AI from those only utilizing and training it, who basically profit immensely from rising salaries and would be in general more interested in money. Boos warns: “In particular in large enterprises, this can lead to instable teams.” Further, he argues that companies should invest in professional education for employees to receive the desired skills.

In a contrasting approach to Boos’ desire for AI-building talents, Google’s mother holding Alphabet has made its AI software available for free. In other words, the intellectual work has already been done and IT-employees in other companies can just start utilizing the software by feeding the machine with data and evaluating the results.

The article concludes that Germany’s AI industry struggles to find qualified talents. Many companies lack the experts to conduct planned projects or background research and experiments. German AI specialists are widely appreciated. Yet, most of them are recruited by American or Chinese firms.

Arago Redaktion 29. September 2017