Handelsblatt: Thinking rationally isn’t very hip these days

Chris Boos, CEO and Founder of arago GmbH, was interviewed by Christof Kerkmann and Thomas Tuma from Handelsblatt, a German newspaper.

In this interview, Boos told the editors, that there is no reason to be afraid of machines dominating human beings. AI itself is nothing to worry about. If there is an unknown component, it would be ourselves using AI.

AI does not understand anything. AI is not able to learn anything. There is no way AI can reach the skills a human brain commands. We develop and build machines, so they can support us in our daily business.

The only thing to worry about is to stay in competition with USA and China. Germany is quite good in research, but platform companies and economies only exist in USA and China. We should stand up and start using AI the right way. Everything that is easy for us is hard for machines and vice versa. We should start using AI to automate business processes.

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Arago Redaktion 20. August 2018