Hello Arago! Webinar: Enhance Your Supply Chain

Wednesday June 14, 8AM PT / 11AM ET / 5PM CET

Imagine what you could do with your people and resources if anything that is a process in your company was run by an Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our customers look to us for guidance on their journey to exponential growth using AI which frees up resources and lets them re-imagine their business.

On Wednesday 14 June, at 11AM ET, Arago’s Webinar Hello Arago! will show you what AI already did for our clients and what it can do for your business. Join us for a live discussion in order to:

  • Learn how digital levers like AI can improve your supply chain.
  • Find out how Arago’s AI platform HIRO™ can automate your order management processes.
  • Learn about order processing with little to no human touch, autonomous GLS self-healing with 99% accuracy and more.

Register for 30 minutes of innovative ideas. No time to join? Register anyway, and we'll share the recording with you after the webinar.

Any questions? Stay for the live Q&A part of the session to talk to our experts, or contact us at webinars@arago.co. For furhter information, visit arago.co.

Would you prefer a private webinar? Just ask!