HIRO™ is a general problem-solving artificial intelligence technology developed by Arago and thoroughly tested in real commercial applications with a strong focus on IT operations and business optimization. Our customers deploy HIRO™ with the goal to optimize and autonomously run their IT operations and other areas of business. However, HIRO’s capabilities are more far-reaching as the technology can be universally applied to automate any defined process. These for example can be broken down to areas such as IT infrastructure, software, applications and services, business processes and workflows, transactions and more. Eventually, HIRO™ is the underlying technology that makes your enterprise AI ready.

Your benefits


Benefit 1

HIRO™ increases the agility of your corporate IT. IT tasks are executed 23 times faster and new technology can be integrated with 80% less time.


Benefit 2

HIRO™ decreases operational cost and allows budget shifts to change and innovation. This is possible through automating processes across the entire IT stack by an average of 87%. The efficiency of our IT staff can be increased by 50% on average.


Benefit 3

HIRO™ converts your expert‘s and service provider‘s knowledge into a reusable asset, which will retain in your company. 80% of developed knowledge is reusable within an organization in different environments.


Benefit 4

HIRO™ increases system efficiency through outage prevention. Our AI will never be sick or leave your company surprisingly.


Benefit 5

HIRO™ works on redundant systems, is available 24/7 and works independently to guarantee outage prevention. Your employees can use their time in a more creative and innovative way optimizing your entereprise for the future.


HIRO™ is available for many different businesses and can be implemented in only few steps.


With HIRO™ comes many different opportunities for experts to increase the efficiency in working with the AI.


The AI-technology behind HIRO™’s problem solving ability is called reasoning.


HIRO™ can be seamlessly and securely integrated into any cloud of physical environment.