Measuring HIRO™

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  • HIRO™ Community and HIRO™ Portal – Learning

    HIRO™ learns through Knowledge Items (KI). KIs are atomic pieces of contextual information that store the experiences and best practices of experts. KIs feed HIRO™ with needed data to solve problems and enable the AI to combine KIs into different solutions. The number of possible permutations grows exponentially with added knowledge. Knowledge is 80% reused within organizations and 33% across organizations. Arago’s HIRO™ Community also provides a public library of thousands of KIs and KI bundles to kick-start a customer deployment. Furthermore, HIRO™ portal allows managers to analyze and improve their experts’ teaching verticals.
  • HIRO™ Knowledge Core – Understanding

    A powerful semantic graph is at the core of the HIRO™ platform. HIRO™ Knowledge Core gives the power of a data pool, normally only available to internet giants, to established companies while fully retaining control, ownership and security of their data. While automating processes, the HIRO™ Knowledge Core builds an accessible semantic map of your organization’s data. This data map is organized semantically to allow understanding of the environment HIRO™ is working in. It serves as the foundation for the AI enablement of enterprises.
  • HIRO™ Engine – Solving

    Arago‘s algorithms enable the HIRO™ engine to perform dynamic reasoning to solve ambiguous and complex problems. This enables companies to become more agile as HIRO™ can quickly and seamlessly adapt to changes and system updates. Machine learning amplifies HIRO™ engine as it continuously optimizes performances.

Arago ID

Arago ID is the hub to all Arago services and resources. You can create licenses, be part of the HIRO™ Community, access trainings to get certificated, and learn more about the HIRO™ story. Arago ID facilitates not only organizational communication but also enables you to showcase personal projects by linking your profile to social accounts such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Github. It is free of cost to sign up an Arago ID.


HIRO™ Portal

HIRO™ Portal is an online tool for enterprises to manage HIRO™ licenses and installations. It provides statistical insights to monitor, track, and analyze automation activities. Here you can also get our free demo version of HIRO.

HIRO™ Community

HIRO™ Community is an online platform where people collaborate to create, share, and review Knowledge Items (KIs). It provides a public library of thousands of KIs and KI bundles to kick-start a customer deployment. It also offers enterprise functionality where KIs and KI bundles can be shared exclusively within organizations.

HIRO™ Community’s missions are: providing resources, facilitating collaboration, and recognizing IT experts for their contributions to their respected organizations.


HIRO™ UI is an intuitive and visual interface that allows IT experts to manage HIRO™ installation in customers’ local environments. It provides a holistic view of HIRO’s performance and activities. Through HIRO™ UI, people can also catch the partially automated activities and teach HIRO™ knowledge for full AI automation.