HR Info: Robots and algorithms are taking over: „AI“ threatens employees?

Can robots think and do machines have a soul? Chris Boos, CEO and Founder of Arago, does not believe in these scenarios. Boos was interviewed by Hessischer Rundfunk Info, a radio station in Hesse, Germany. In this interview, Boos told the audience his biggest concerns about machines and robots. In contrast to people, robots and machines are not able to develop empathy. This is why in ten years, Boos is totally convinced that a nurse will earn a much higher salary than a doctor. A doctor’s work and expertise can be automated mostly by a machine, a nurse’s work not. He is convinced, that AI will disrupt and revolutionize today’s business models and work environments. But on the other hand, AI will also enable new jobs, responsibilities and tasks we are not able to imagine nowadays.

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Arago Redaktion 14. April 2018