karriereführer: Interview With AI-pioneer Chris Boos

During an interview with ‘Karriereführer.de’, Arago CEO Chris Boos talked about the future of mankind with respect to the change that will come with artificial intelligence (AI). ‘Hiro’, an AI software developed by his firm, can currently autonomously carry out up to 84 percent of tasks given to it by Arago. Despite this outlook, Boos stresses the continued importance of human beings for our society. Humans will always be superior in certain fields, Boos states, such as being creative and developing new things.

Boos notes that machines and AI were not invented to become equal to or superior to humans, but to simplify our lives. If AI can take on tasks that humans complete, people will have more time to think about and focus on other problems in society and the economy.

In a future world where AI is part of the day-to-day life, Boos predicts that the job market will radically change, with people predominantly carrying out creative work, such as being pioneers, inventors, or artists, or providing services – in this, valuable human-to-human professions will play an even greater role following the take-over of mundane, repetitive tasks by AI-enabled machines.

Boos also predicts a paradigm shift in education. Specialization will no longer be paramount, as machines can learn basically anything. Instead, broader education is key. Also, apart from mathematics, physics and other natural sciences, teaching values will play a key role for the wellbeing of our societies. For Boos, extracurricular studies are the answer to this development. He also calls for greater appreciation for the humanities that are to be ever more indispensable for the future of humankind.

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Arago Redaktion 28. June 2017

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