Lebensmittelzeitung: Believe, Hope and Knowledge

Chris Boos, founder and CEO of Arago, is featured with his appearance as guest speaker at this year’s “Goldener Zuckerhut” award (English: golden sugarloaf) in the online edition of German food-sector newspaper Lebensmittel Zeitung (LZ). With “Goldener Zuckerhut”, LZ honors companies and personalities that showed extraordinary engagement in the German and European food industry.

In a panel interview, Boos spoke about the opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI). He argued that AI would replace many jobs in logistics and administration. However, innovation, human interaction and customer service could not be handled by an AI.

Other speeches during the award focused on the challenges posed by large American technology companies and online grocery services to the German stationary grocery industry. Angela Wisken, LZ’s editor in chief, reminded the guests of the new competition by Amazon’s online supermarket Fresh on the German market. The industry would have to find solutions to compete with the financially and technologically advanced enterprises of the Silicon Valley. Jan Mende, LZ’s head of department for retail, argued while Berlin already has a variety of online supermarkets available, established retailers would currently not feel the pressure by customers to improve their online services.

Arago Redaktion 10. November 2017

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