Livemint: “Cogito – Arago sum?”

This article, published in Arago’s growth market India by the online version of business newspaper Mint, argues that IT decision makers should consider standardized AI solutions. In this context, Arago’s AI journey starting with the automation of the IT infrastructure and later implementing it to business processes, could push companies in this direction.

Arago’s approach to connect its AI software to other machines and environments, as well as constantly training it with common sense and specific knowledge, is named as a benchmark example how AI systems in business environments should operate.

According to Arago’s CEO Chris Boos’ view, the success of large-scale enterprises can often be found in their corporate philosophy. In this way, every decision in an enterprise should be taken on the basis of knowledge about the whole enterprise and its processes. When shared and applied appropriately to business processes, this factor could contribute to more than 60% of the company’s value. In this way, Arago recommends its customers at the beginning of their AI-journey to create a data pool that describes the organization as well as its technologies and tools. In order to create this pool, companies should deploy AI first in IT automation. Arago considers IT to be the heart of an organization since it would process all the data and information about a company. In addition, this area would provide immediate value to the organization. After learning and gathering knowledge in this field, the collected data can be applied to business processes.

Arago’s approach could be a start. Companies collect large amounts of different IT solutions over time and find it hard to integrate these with each other. In this way, companies should take an AI-related industry standard approach and Boos is convinced: By that AI-enablement will not be a goal in itself – it will simply be a tool for companies to remain competitive.

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Arago Redaktion 27. September 2017

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