Manager Magazin: Training Camp With Hans-Christian Boos

Arago CEO Chris Boos talks soulful about his favorite hobby: horseback riding. The personal question–answer section was published in the context of a column about influential personalities.

When the world is passing by and he and the horse cohere – that’s what Boos enjoys most while riding. He says it is crucial to have a 100% trust in each other. Unfortunately the joy of riding and also finding the right horse has become rare occasions for Boos.

Since he was young Arago’s CEO is fascinated by the special relationships between humans and animals. Ever since, he took riding lessons from different teachers – both good and bad ones. Yet he concludes the “holy grail” of horseback riding does not exist, as others may call it. The experience of riding a horse only becomes a success when putting oneself into the perspective of the horse.

As his biggest success in his sport he names the training of his own horse. He gained its trust as well as its respect. On the contrary he calls his biggest defeat being bucked off during a dressage competition.

Asked for his role model, Boos wishes to experience the feeling of freedom which the song Don’t fence me in by Cole Porter communicates. Hi credo therefore is: Regardless, where you are, the horse always knows the way home.

Arago Redaktion 22. September 2017