MarketWatch: AI Is Too Smart and Busy to Knock off Humans

Chris Boos, Arago founder and CEO, spoke with Marketwatch News Editor Rachel Beals about a coming industrial revolution around artificial intelligence. Boos does not hold the same “doom and gloom” perspective that tech provocateur Elon Musk does around a future with AI. Instead, Boos believes that humans could refocus once many routine tasks are automated. Thus making inter-human experiences more important and freeing humans to foster more creativity. In the economy of the future, Boos foresees people becoming artists, inventors and pioneers.

Musk often dramatizes possible outcomes around artificial intelligence, and recently pushed for greater AI regulation, warning the National Governors Association meeting over the summer that robots will “do everything better than us.”

As Beals summarizes: “High-profile commentary leaves those selling AI as a practical application, including Boos and his competitors, sometimes fighting just to shape the conversation.”

With business booming for Arago (which automates IT processes among other industry use cases) Chris Boos will be attending The World Economic Forum in January where discussion on high-impact areas of artificial intelligence will continue. Boos and Arago have pushed the boundaries in AI technology to build a general AI and Arago has become a key partner and driver for the established economy, positioning Arago’s AI HIRO™ as a platform for companies to reinvent their business models in the digital age.

Read more about Boos’ beliefs around self-consciousness and our positive future with machines on Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch here.

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