Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung: Chris Boos isn’t afraid of any AI

Many people are afraid of AI. Chris Boos, Founder and CEO of arago GmbH and a pioneer in the field of AI gives the all-clear.

Boos points out that the term “AI” is more than sixty years old and was mainly characterized by Georgetown University and their experiments with an automated translation system.
Boos gives his own definition of AI: “We call it AI as long as it isn’t working. As soon as it works, we call it ‘autofocus’ or ‘mailbox’. Common operations, which doesn’t surprise anyone anymore.

Machines do not understand anything and AI and a human brain do not have anything in common. A human brain contains more than 84 billion neurons, whereas the best AI only contains one billion neurons.”

Boos can’t predict which jobs will still be present in our future. But he is more than convinced that there is enough to do and we won’t be jobless.

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Arago Redaktion 12. October 2018