media:net berlinbrandenburg: 43. Media Summit with Chris Boos

Chris Boos, founder and CEO of arago GmbH, was a special guest at the 43. Media Summit in Potsdam.

Boos told the audience his perspective of AI – There is no reason to be afraid of AI. In fact, already in 1954 an automated translation tool was called AI. We only call things AI until they work. The moment something works, we give things proper names.

Development of our society isn’t faster or slower nowadays. At the beginning of the 20. century, the time cars were invented, it only took ten years to let horses disappear as main transport vehicles.

There are a few things we have to keep in mind while talking about AI:

Machines do not understand anything. They can only do, what we teach them.

AI and human brains do not have anything in common.

Most of us would like to solve everything with only one solution but this is impossible. We need more than only one algorithm that solves everything. Because a lot of people have those fears and AI is misunderstood. Ethic and moral, two very important characteristics, will stay at humans control. Machines cannot talk but speech is the absolute king’s class and impervious for machines.

AI will have a huge impact on our economy and the way we do our jobs but we won’t be jobless. There are still a lot of things to do and what we need are pioneers, that create new goals and people, that transfer their knowledge. In that way we can prevent that knowledge gets lost.

The main thing we need for AI in Germany is one goal, e.g. self-driving-cars within the next five years. In that case, politics and economy would work hand in hand and would be willing to take some risks. This is very important, since Germany depends a lot on the automobile industry.

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Arago Redaktion 11. October 2018