Tagesspiegel/Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten: Everyone Is Still Muddling Around by Themselves

In Tagesspiegel and In Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten from May 11th, 2017

Data and artificial intelligence will trigger the next industrial revolution – this raises fears

Chris Boos is convinced: artificial intelligence (AI) is the trigger for the next industrial revolution and key for the established economy. However, machines do not understand anything, unless they are taught by humans. “In the foreseeable future, machines will not be able to be creative. They lack the necessary passion”, Chris said on Wednesday during the 7th eMobility Summit in Berlin.

The article featured the Arago founder as a renowned expert in AI. Wednesday’s panel included Bernhard Rohleder, managing director of the IT association Bitkom, Michael Kuhn, Head of Communication at Daimler’s mobility app service Moovel, Kurt Blumenröder, CEO of the development service provider IAV, and Michael Bültmann, CEO of digital map provider Here.

The central issues of the discussion included automation, data protection, autonomous driving, and the ethical concerns that surround these newer technologies. The speakers all concluded that there is no need to be afraid of AI. Instead, Mr. Blumenröder expressed a need for a „new pioneering spirit and more ideas from policy-makers and companies.” The opportunities of automation and related digital developments have not yet been realized, “because everyone is still muddling around by themselves.”

Arago Redaktion 11. May 2017