Property magazine: Digital location Frankfurt: An alliance is urging for an AI institute

An alliance from economy and research initiated by Frankfurt’s mayor Peter Feldmann took part at the first round table regarding the foundation of an AI institute. They came together to find solutions to the main question „How global challenges can be solved on a local level“ and were trying to find digital solutions to topics like scarcity of resources, transport, security and migration. Therefore they are planning to bundle the expertise of the different technology companies based in Frankfurt in order to strengthen the business location and support local IT projects.

One of the participants was Arago’s Alfred Elmer who was representing Chris Boos the founder and CEO of the company. He pointed out that „Artificial Intelligence is the future technology. No car, factory, hospital or bank will be working without it in the future.“ Also, he said that the reason why Arago is seated in Frankfurt for 23 years is that Frankfurt offers everything that is needed to stay internationally competitive.

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Arago Redaktion 29. October 2018