Rhein-Main-Zeitung: Intelligent, but not wiser

Even if people teach machines how to learn, there will still be enough work left, so we won’t get bored. Computer scientist Chris Boos and theologian Ansgar Wucherpfenning were discussing this topic at the „Binding-Abendschoppen“.

In this talk, Chris Boos pointed out, that we mustn’t be afraid of intelligent machines taking over the world and doing all of our work because we’re still the ones deciding how to use technology and how to act ethically and morally correctly.

Machines which are working with Artificial Intelligence can do more than standardization and automation. In fact, they are able to learn and therefore do a lot of different new tasks finding individual solutions for problems. But there are still jobs which they’ll never be able to do like for example service jobs. But by taking over boring standardized jobs, Artificial Intelligence offers us the possibility to focus on more interesting jobs. Therefore there won’t be less work in the future but it’ll be more satisfying.

Arago Redaktion 27. October 2018