Smart Industry – The IoT Business Magazine: Internet of Think: Let the Robots Do It

Robotic process automation (RPA) is offering new ways of doing traditional work and therefore it is empowering people to do more and better instead of taking jobs away. In addition, IoT is offering new ways of data gathering. Linking these two evolutions together, all the capability that the Internet of Things offers nowadays can be managed with the help of robotic process automation.

A company that is able to help others to become more flexible and grow faster, is Arago with its software HIRO™ , a general problem-solving AI technology. As this AI can learn and solve new issues, Jean Philippe Baert, COO of Arago, points out that IoT might offer new options as it can collect and analyze more data. So far Arago is already helping many big companies from different sectors like „Lufthansa Technik“ by providing business process automation. But with the link to IoT there will probably even more possibilities for process automation in the future.

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Arago Redaktion 25. October 2018