With the events of recent days sadly in the news and on people's minds, I want to recap our position as a company and my position personally as an Aragon and American. In particular, my comments are directed in reaction to Mr Trumps recent statements.

We. Do. Not. Accept. Intolerance. Hate. Discrimination. We resist. Full Stop.

No divisive categorization is acceptable. We are members of one race. The human race. We respect, support and cherish our colleagues, customers, suppliers, and those others we interact with as members of our tribe.

Arago Americas will never tolerate divisive speech or behavior. It is counter to our character. I will personally intervene in any situation brought to me. And to be clear, divisive is "white nationalists, Nazis, anti-Semites, racists, gender, preference, ethnic nationality religious tradition... name your poison."

Never is a long time. And that's how long we will resist these sources of evil.

Know that you are safe among friends at Arago regardless of your heritage. And that you have my support and that of our Management Board.

We share a mission and purpose to better the world through our technology. Let's re double our commitment to this mission. Together.

As Benjamin Franklin once said "We must hang together. Or we shall surely hang separately ". 😉

Relentless. Respect. Do the Right Things the Right Way. Focus on the Customer. No assholes. Be Kind.

Let's keep this thing of ours moving onward and upward.

Warm regards, jeff

Jeffrey R. Smith
CEO - Americas and Managing Director