Süddeutsche Zeitung: Interview with Chris Boos

In an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung (24/04/2017), Arago founder Chris Boos talks about a variety of topics, ranging from the evolution of AI, its vast potential, obstacles to its usage, how Arago has become one of the pioneers in AI technology to the future of work.

Also, highlighting how AI can set off efficiency gains and boost productivity, Chris Boos takes the automotive industry’s example to showcase what can be achieved when AI is used.

He emphasizes the established industry’s need to kickstart innovation and a profound transformation and AI’s catalyst function to bring about the change needed to compete. Crucial for Europe’s companies will be their readiness to overcome fears of data pooling and the swiftness in tackling the challenges ahead. AI and Arago, he says, stand ready to support this industrial revolution that got started and is driven by the customers themselves.

Arago Redaktion 24. April 2017