T-Online.de: I Think There Is a Huge Opportunity Here

on the enduring need for humans in inter-human transactions:

For a long time, services were being made redundant. Everything had to become ever cheaper and humans, it seemed, were no longer part of this. Man was trained to work like machines do. Now, machines are there to take over what they can do better anyway…I predict a comeback for human-to-human services. Production will become cheaper, since processes will be AI-led. This means that there is free capital to invest in services: By and for humans. By the way: Personal assistants, interesting though they certainly are, will in the end lead back to services performed by humans.

…. on what machines are good at (and what not):

Humans beat computers in everything that is creative, including all interactions concerning the relationship from human to human. Language is another field that is incredibly difficult for machines to grasp. However, machines are wonderfully reliable. They can detect flaws, patterns, and deviations from patterns. This is ideal when used in repetitive processes.

…. on healing human brains and compuers:

Biological systems are those that quickly recover from problems, since there are always problems. The focus lies on recovery rather than selective solutions. As to computers and AI: Anti-fragile systems are a beginning, e.g. with Cloud Computing. The idea is that if a machine is too slow, we’ll try the next one. We try to design tailored systems.

…. on the risks of global data connections and the ‘omniscient machine’:

The real danger is not watching us humans being made redundant or surpassed by machines. The danger is that we are embarking on a development that we have yet not dealt with. AI is happening all around us. So the question is not: ‘Should we…’? but rather ‘What do we do with this’? The process is irreversible, and, interestingly, it is a process triggered by consumers on their quest for ever more comfort. This, in turn, exerts pressure on the established economy. We are witnessing the simultaneous arrival of AI and the new economy. There is pressure, but there are also enormous opportunities…

on the enormous potential for KI-enabled creativity:

It’s clear: AI will support in making things more efficient, and will free capital resources and human resources. This is a tremendous chance for more happiness in the world! Creative work will be deemed very valuable again. Artists, pioneers, inventors – all of them have a great tradition in Germany. We Germans like to do things right. Things done right creates happiness-producing work for, I guess, one half of humankind. The other half creates happiness (for itself and others) by being creative and creating art. That is a decidedly positive outlook.

… on data protection:

a very important issue. Data property rights and transparency issues need to be discussed in greater detail. However, Germans are leading users of social media. There is certain contradiction with that.

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Arago Redaktion 4. May 2017