t3n: Artificial Intelligence: Did the development already reach its peak?

Arago’s general artificial intelligence (AI) HIRO™ won the appraisals of Berlin-based digital investor Fabian Westerheide on Filterblase podcast of the German magazine for digital economy t3n. Westerheide points out Arago’s HIRO™ in the context of AI capabilities being tested on video games: “They challenged their AI in Civilization, which is a very complex, round based game.” As a general AI, HIRO™ have been able to master the game and beat human players. In his opinion, Google’s recent achievement to create an AI capable of learning the Chinese strategy game Go without human support would just be a “mediocre” result compared to Arago’s accomplishments. Yet, Arago’s HIRO™ would build an own expert knowledge in different companies, is able to independently spot mistakes and to make suggestions or correct them.

Westerheide argues further that the possibilities of AI are only at their beginnings: He believes that app providers could do much more for their customers by equipping every app with machine learning capabilities. In this way, they could offer even more personalized results for their users. At the same time, Westerheide believes that companies who make use of an AI should also appoint an AI ethics representative who checks e.g. that algorithms do not incorporate stereotypes.

T3n offers a quarterly print version but also the online platform t3n.de. Filterblase is one of Germany’s leading tech podcasts and is presented by t3n editor-in-chief Luca Caracciolo. Westerheide appeared on the show to present his views on the current stage of AI development. He is also the organizer of the conference Rise of AI and contributes with articles about the subject to different publications.

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